Funkin' A is a Long Island, NY - based group which has been a fixture of the South Shore music scene for well over a decade. Known for its engaging live performances, its vast and eclectic repertoire of originals and covers, as well as its virtuosic horn section, the band can be difficult to categorize. Having a solid foundation in Jazz / Funk with a heavy Rock & Jam Band influence, Funkin' A is incredibly dance-oriented and guaranteed to keep your party going late into the night, if you're into that sort of thing.

Undergoing a major lineup change in 2015-2016 and ultimately being reduced to 2 of its founding members, the band was forced to re-structure itself, which against all odds it did successfully. In late 2021, despite major setbacks due to COVID-19 as well as unrelated member hardships, Funkin' A is as relevant as ever and remains as a cornerstone of the very active music scene on the South Shore of Long Island.

When not playing with Funkin' A, the members are routinely engaged in various other projects / collaborations. Current and former members have established their own groups and are frequently featured as guests of other prominent acts. The Funkin' A horns in particular are well-known in the area.

2024 Lineup:

Kyle Fitzpatrick - Guitar, Vocals

Damien Pagan - Keyboards, Vocals

Rodney Harris - Drums, Vocals

Johnnie Luca - Bass, Vocals

Ed Nevin - Bass

Annie Mac - Saxophone, Flute, Vocals

Justin Marks - Saxophone, Vocals

John Kelly - Saxophone, Vocals

Aaron Kinard - Trombone, Vocals

Dan Wendelken - Trumpet